That Should Be Mine: February's Picks

Coffee Table

Welcome to the launch of a monthly list of excellent things you don't at all need, but are absolutely going to want.

The items are hand-picked by Leo Davie, who runs the website, That Should Be Mine. Yes, these things should be yours. They should be ours, too.

Illuminating Coffee Table

Planning on throwing a house party or two in 2013? Then you’re going to need some eye-catching pieces of furniture that know how to party. These cracking Illuminating Coffee Tables from Suck UK will give your living room the retro '70s vibe that is a must for any successful foray into the world of house parties.

Coffee Table

3-in-1 Breakfast Machine

Have you grown tired of walking the 30cm from your toaster to the frying pan and the gruelling additional foot to your kettle? Well, you’re in luck my friend – say hello to the lazy man’s dream, the frankly fantastic 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine from Nostalgia. Plug it in next to your sofa and you won’t even need to miss any of Homes Under the Hammer in the morning. Win-win.

Breakfast Machine

Photocube iPhone Printer

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a David Bailey with your iPhone but have grown weary of the annoying inability to easily print your snaps then, fear not, your prayers have been answered with the brilliant PhotoCube iPhone Printer which, somewhat awesomely, doesn’t even need a computer to operate. Just plug your iPhone in the top and away you go. Give your photo swiping finger a rest in 2013!

Photo Printer

Brizo Sensori Shower

Want a shower that is so brilliant that it is basically a car-wash for your bathroom? You’ve got it with the superb Brizo Sensori, which will buffet your body from every conceivable angle in what is likely to be the most intense and invigorating shower of your life. Showers shouldn’t be a mundane experience; they should be like walking through a slightly less severe tropical storm, and this contraption is as close to that as you will get!


Pigeon Mask

To be perfectly honest, there can be few purchases more pointless, yet strangely essential, this February than this rather spiffing Pigeon Mask from Archie McPhee. For those of us who work in London and have grown to detest the abundance of pigeons that plod the streets and try and pinch our lunches, the time has come to take revenge. Quite how wearing a giant pigeon mask constitutes revenge I’m yet to determine, but I’m sure it will annoy them a bit at least.

Pidgeon Mask