Let's Pretend We Live in Eleuthera

Lush Life

No doubt we'll feel warmer.

Eleuthera is a long, thin island 50 miles from Nassau. It's also the site of a lot of great homes. Please let us introduce you to a few of them.

Two bedrooms with 600-feet of beachfront. Just think, that's more than 100 feet per person.

Three bedrooms on French Leave beach. No, stay, you'll want to!

For the student of architecture, a David Hick's four-bedroom home (with one bedroom for four kids).

For the lover of high design, four bedrooms on a resort. Best of all worlds.

Five bedrooms on a pristine stretch of beach, with one of the few heated pools on the island.

Five bedrooms, a tennis court, and clean, coastal living. Just our style.

A bit dated, but hey, it's where Charles and Diana honeymooned. (Wonder who was in the other four bedrooms?)

Seven bedrooms on an estate we can vouch for being pretty fab.

The most awesome house on the island, no question. You just need to fill the 10 bedrooms.

See? Now you're warm. And you're glowing, too. Who knew an imagined suntan was possible!