Career Options - From Investment Banking To This (and lovin' it)

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This guy, who apprently worked at a number of firms during his career (Barclays, JPMorgan, Nomura, SocGen and WestLB), is strutting his stuff in an entirely new direction now.

And the world is his lobster!

Mike Lousada is basically a sex coach.

The Independent writes Lousada, 45, moved from the corporate world into sex coaching as a way do something 'more meaningful' in his life. With his own hang-ups and 'shame around the body', he became trained as a counsellor, and graduated from the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality last month as a sex coach.

He now charges £80 an hour for talking therapy, and £120 for physical work, which includes genital massage, but can include having intercourse with a client. This would be in very rare cases; say to overcome a situation where a woman wanted, but wasn't able to, have penetrative sex.

Lousada calls his work 'sex positive', differing from sex therapy which 'arises from the point of view that something's wrong that needs to be fixed'. He insists his services, often used by women who have been abused in some way in the past, is 'boundaried' and run with a 'strict code of ethics'. He added: 'I'm showing people how to connect their bodies with someone else's. We are taught at school about pregnancy and sexual disease, but not about pleasure'.

Hit the link below to access the complete Independent article:

A visit to Britain's first state-certified sex coach

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