Hungover Owls

The Bride And Groom Were Doing Shots

God bless the Internet. Life was so much less funny before silly ideas like this were everywhere.

This crazy creature (the creator, that is) has a site of 500 posts with pictures of hungover looking owls. (Upon seeing them, you'll be surprised you never realised how hungover owls seem to look.) Making the page even more riotous is the commentary, clearly written by a person who has been there...a few times.

Old Brown from Squirrel Nutkin is the character who inspired the idea (no doubt over drinks).

Old Brown From Squirrel Nutkin

And now there are hundreds of funny looking owls.

The Bride And Groom Were Doing Shots

And from J. Patrick Brown below this one: “The bride and groom started chanting “shots” and then I woke up in a basement.” Thanks to Mary Chlopek for the photo submission!

If you need your hungover owls multi-media-like, there's also a book. (To go on top of your bar.)