“Hero” schoolboy awarded Xbox 360

Kid rumbles robber after discovering them in his family home.

In what could be considered a Home Alone tribute, a young school boy foiled the plans of a robber after discovering him mid-plunder and is awarded a new Xbox 360 by a local supermarket.

When 11-year-old Tyler Hallawell came home from school and discovered that not only had his house been broken into but also that the robber was still there, he sprung into action.

He stormed off called the police and alerted his neighbours, leading to the robber’s capture only a few hours later.

Upon hearing this, local Asda customer services manager Catherine MacDonald decided to get in touch with the family, according to Portsmouth News.

“He was so brave. We think he is a remarkable boy to think on the spot and know to go outside to safety,” she explained. “He is very wise to have known to call 999.”

Apparently the tyke has had a tough time recently, with the idea of a burglar in the house leaving him very anxious.

His mum commented: “This was such a nice thing to do for Tyler because it took his mind off it for a while, while he set it all up.”


image: © Scott Akerman

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