Will Odemwingie 'forcing' a move work or can West Brom hold firm?

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Peter Odemwingie seems to have resorted to unconventional tactics in order to force a move away from West Brom.

QPR’s interest in signing Peter Odemwingie from West Brom has been well publicised and since the player’s transfer request was rejected, he has been forced to think outside the box in terms of getting a move away from the club.

The situation as it stands, is that West Brom are refusing to sell Odemwingie or let him leave along the official lines that he’s too important to the club. From the player’s point of view, they seem to be stalling and holding out for more money this summer.

Odemwingie has attacked the club, not the fans, through his public Twitter account, almost as though he’s trying to make his position at the club untenable, forcing them to effectively sell him to save trouble.

Odemwingie’s reasoning actually seems to be quite fair; he’s mulling over what will probably be the last move of his career and he wants to plan for the upheaval of moving around his young family.

West Brom are perfectly within their rights not to let him leave the club because he’s contracted to them, QPR don’t seem willing to meet the price West Brom desire and he could be important over the second half of the season as West Brom seek to secure Europa League football.

Odemwingie is trying to create friction between himself and the club’s officials to almost create a message of ‘this is more trouble than it’s worth’ which would result in him leaving.

Many clubs in the recent past have had to deal with unhappy players who don’t want to be there.

The problem it creates is how influential Odemwingie is in the dressing room. He’s bound to have a lot of friends at West Brom and some of his annoyance and anguish can rub off on other players.

It may also make other players slightly resentful towards him as they are fighting for a place at the club. This is something manager Steve Clarke will dread because he wants everyone switched on and focused on securing European football.

It’s effectively a waste of energy and a by-product of this whole affair. West Brom could do a lot worse then simply selling him on but they look as though they’ll make him warm the bench for half a season and get what they can for him this summer.

West Brom fans, how do you feel about the way Odemwingie has and is acting?

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