A romantic look at the Fernando Torres - Chelsea relationship

How long before Chelsea and Fernando Torres realise that the relationship is dead?

His previous relationship was good; comfortable. They got on well but after the initial honeymoon period things had travelled into the mundane. While there was clearly still an affinity between the two his eye had begun to wander.

Then she came.

Immediately they were attracted to each other and made no secret of that passion. He saw her as an opportunity for something more. Security, riches, accolades; and just like that his comfortable relationship was gone and he left for something new and exciting.

What he had was promising and there certainly seemed to be a spark. He didn’t care if the affection was spread with a man named Didier he was adamant he could win the affections outright. The past failings of a previous relationship with Andriy also failed to put him off; Fernando had made his mind up and Chelsea was his woman.

But things struggled from the start. Despite all the attraction and attention they gave each other one thing seemed to be missing; chemistry.

Fernando tried everything in his power and yes there has certainly been fleeting moments. When not caught up in his own heavy thoughts and simply acting on spontaneity he knew how to make Chelsea happy.

Why of course there were special moments that will live long in the memory just as there is in any relationship. They will likely never forget that trip to Barcelona when Fernando showed he still has the ability to please. Then there was the bittersweet trip to Munich; where she had an amazing time while Fernando first began to have doubts about their relationship. Didier had to go; Fernando was tired of sharing.

Didier left and finally Fernando had Chelsea all to himself and he was ready to commit to making the relationship work. Even when Chelsea brought him gifts that reminded him of better times however it seems the relationship still struggled to get off the ground.

Fernando failed to satisfy and Chelsea looked elsewhere. Enter a new object of affection; Demba. With Demba on the scene Fernando once again had to share and he was failing to create the spark necessary and in the meanwhile the relationship with Demba began to blossom.

Fernando has tried everything but now it seems as though the relationship is continuing out of necessity. Mundane and not extraordinary the two are simply going through the motions; he even tried changing his haircut but Chelsea is slowly losing any affection or hope in this relationship.

As Chelsea begins to look at a Colombian named Falcao in the same way she once looked at Fernando the relationship seems to be heading in one direction.

It now seems simply a matter of time before this lovesick couple wish each other all the best and go their separate ways.

image: © Ben Sutherland

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