In Case You Missed Them - Last Week's Top Stories


Here are links to last week's top 20 stories.

1. How Goldman Tells Employees Their Bonus Number

2. Goldman and JPMorgan's 2012 Comp Figures Out

3. Wall St Bosses Are Calling This The Best Intern Cover Letter Ever - But Not Everyone Agrees

4. Top Firm Said Cutting Bonus Pool For 4th Year in a Row

5. 25 Of The Most Outrageous Interview Questions

6. If You Work In This Area Of Investment Banking You're More Likely To Get The Chop

7. Job Losses - Four Firms Said Looking At Cutting Headcount

8. Goldman Bonuses - 'People Are Feeling Pretty Good', Morgan Stanley Staff Not So

9. The Goldman Partner Laugh

10. Top Firm Boss: Do It My Way - Or Leave

11. The Employee Who Thought He Had It Made Was Too Clever By Half

12. The Ultimate Alpha Male Toy

13. City Sackings and Suspensions Reach 5-Year High

14. Young Equity Sales Trader Dies

15. Top Firm Said To Be Culling Investment Banking Jobs

16. The Citigroup Executive Boys Club

17. Morgan Stanley's 2012 Bonus Scheme Pretty Tough on Employees

18. Over the Hill at Work: Why 50 May Be the New 70

19. Top Firm Cut 14,600 Employees in 2012 to Reduce Costs

20. Another Top Firm Said Considering Bigger Bonus Cuts in Europe Than U.S.

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