Brush Up On Your Job Skills

F1 The Game playing video games. (Huh?)

It turns out that a few scientists are coming to the aid of the video game industry, and the much ridiculed communities of video gamers. While it's easy to write off a gaming 'geek' as being passive, indecisive and lazy, a new study has proved otherwise. Who would have thought?

The study was undertaken by neuroscientists from the University of Rochester. They subjected regular gamers to a series of tests in order to gauge their reaction time in making decisions, corroborated with the accuracy of those decisions. Their findings were staunchly in favor of gaming. People who play them regularly are able to take the right choice in a much shorter span of time than those who don’t. They are more aware of their environments, and actually display a form of hypersensitivity to everything that goes on around them.

In one test, participants had to make sense of chaotically moving dots on a PC screen. The participants, who played around 50 hours of video games per week, scored significantly higher than the others. The test results also indicated that people who play fast-paced games score better than those with a preference for more relaxed gameplay. By being able to take the right decisions faster, gamers also displayed clear abilities at focusing on more than just one thing in real life.

So what does that mean for real life? Scientists say the orientation skills of gamers are far superior, they make better drivers, they're more attentive reading the fine print on documents, and they multi-task better. So maybe we shouldn't bemoan the fact that 69% of all households in America include at least one video game addict.

Clearly it's time to brush up on your job skills by playing a super-fast game like Formula One, Sonic Unleashed or Burnout 3. Or, if you're only now starting up your engine.