Nader blows hard on games censorship issue

Manhunt 2 videogame violence

Former presidential hopeful Ralph Nadar calls on Obama to tackle videogame violence.

Controversial US politician and failed presidential hopeful, Ralph Nader, has come out against videogames in what amounts to a “ban this sick filth” tribute act.

Speaking to Politico, the five-time nominee expressed his disappointment that President Barack Obama hasn’t done more to tackle violence in the media, referring to videogame makers as “electronic child molesters”.

“We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Videogame violence? Unprecedented,” Nader said.

“I’m not saying he wants to censor this, I think he should sensitise people that they should protect their children family-by-family from these kinds of electronic child molesters.”

Nader, who is quoted as eschewing technology to the point of using a typewriter over a PC, made his comments shortly after President Obama announced a raft of measures to tackle gun crime.

Among these measures, the US commander-in-chief revealed a plan to investigate the potential impact of videogames on behaviour.

However, Vice President Biden admitted that current research provides no link between gaming and violence and suggested that the issue was one of public perception, which the games industry should address.

This struck a nerve with UK industry representative Tiga, whose CEO, Dr Richard Wilson, told us that Vice President Biden was “out of date” on the issue.

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