'That’s why we’ve chosen a German' - But what is Arsene Wenger talking about?

The Arsenal boss was speaking about the club's list of fines; but can you guess who is in charge of debt collecting for The Gunners?

Arsene Wenger yesterday revealed his frustration and disappointment at the lack of privacy given to Premier League football clubs in the modern day and age. In the world of social media where one click of a button can see a photo, video or voice recording displayed to the entire world within seconds you can see why such privacy is becoming a rarity.

Wenger was referring to these new platforms of media when he expressed these feelings in relation to the revealing of a fines list his team faced.

A fan who was on a tour of the stadium took a picture of the ‘fine menu’ and Tweeted it immediately in what was an innocent mistake.

It made for interesting reading discovering the type of discrepancies Premier League footballers could find themselves out of pocket for infringing.

Some of the fines are not too bizarre and in fact you may recognise them from your very own Dog and Duck team on a Saturday morning at the local recreation ground. Using your phone in the building, wrong kit on match days and boots in the dressing room are certainly common misdemeanours. Then there is the usual suspect of tardiness but while I feel a fine of £5 is harsh the players at Arsenal could find themselves forking out half a grand if they were to find themselves more than 15 minutes late for training.

The heftiest fine of all is a whopping £1,000 for not attending a home game if you are left out of the squad without prior permission from the manager.

The more bizarre fines involving a punishment for inappropriate clothing and one for reading newspapers in the dressing room. The former seems strange, and you wonder what constitutes inappropriate clothing. However anybody who has seen some of the get-ups Gervinho likes to fashion may understand just why it is in place.

As for newspapers again I never had the Arsenal dressing room down as the gentlemen’s club type; sitting around cross-legged reading the broadsheets is surely not why this preventative measure is in place. Far more likely the red-tops are not looked upon favourably by Wenger.

But who do you put in charge of the debt collecting? Apparently Per Mertesacker is the resident bailiff at the training ground; not because of his physical frame but rather due to his German nationality. As the rest of Europe flags economically Deutschland seems impervious to the crisis and as Wenger put it so well:

‘’The Germans do well economically and we respect that. They are the only ones that make money in Europe. That’s why we’ve chosen a German.’’

Nothing like a little bit of national stereotyping to lighten the mood.

What is the strangest fine you have ever received at your football club?

images: © Ronnie Macdonald, © wonker

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