Getting Your Single Parent a Date


Divorced or widowed parents fall into one of two camps: proactive in finding love again, or basically uninterested.

My mother fell into the latter group. Despite being beautiful, gracious and all-around lovely, she would have never found a second husband had he not fallen into her lap (or, in her case, discovered her at a cousin's wedding and decided she was the one). My father is also firmly in the latter group. He's perfectly content being alone, and frankly, probably prefers it. He's not very social, and his books and newspapers are his best friends.

As for me, I met my husband on, back in the day, before the site became a hot-bed for hook-up.

You could say all of this makes me the perfect target for And you would be right.

The premise of the site is familiar to anyone who has heard of (and really, who in our general age group hasn't?). On, one of us fills out a profile for someone we love who is older, it gets sent to them for completion, then it goes up and you all hope for the best.

A quick glance at the pictures yields a bunch of nice looking people. I'd be glad to have one of these women be my step-mom! (Although the one on the right might be a little young for my dad. Maybe she has a great plastic surgeon, who I should keep on file for the future.) And let's be real, he probably wouldn't marry again even if she was as beautiful as the second woman from the right. But to have someone to do things with – I don't think anyone would disagree; that would be nice.

Naturally, there's a super cute video that will spell it out for you.

Check it out below, or just click here to start getting your parent sorted.