Bungie cheers up ill boy

Bungie Cheers Up Ill Boy

Halo developer steps in to put smile on 5-year-old liver transplant patient.

A father of a 5-year-old liver transplant patient has expressed his gratitude to games developer Bungie for surprising his son with goodies to cheer him up following his surgery.

Posting on Reddit under the handle of Fiscal, the father explained how his normally healthy son was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that severely disrupts the liver and would require a transplant.

A few days after the transplant, the young boy was understandably in pain and “annoyed with everything”, so the father decided to reach out for help.

“I wanted to try and cheer him up and I remembered hearing about Bungie's charity,” the hero-dad commented.

“The children's hospital is pretty close to Bungie's studio and my son loves Halo, so I figured it was a good fit to get him smiling again. With the help of some redditors, Bungie contacted me.”

Specifically naming a Bungie employee called Christine, the father said she arrived at the hospital bearing a card with messages from the team as well as a t-shirt and a full-sized replica of the Halo series’ famous Spartan helmet.

“Yes, Bungie gave the helmet to my son, he can't get enough of it. This thing is detaillled and HEAVY!” fiscal posted on Reddit.

“My family can't thank Bungie enough,” he continued. “I know that they have had a huge impact on how well my son has been recovering after his surgery.”

The family posted tear-jerking pictures of the event here

image: © Fiscal

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