86-Year-Old: Gaming Keeps Me Sharp

Pensioner indulges in games such as GTA IV for fun and stimulation.

Gaming is usually seen as a young man’s pastime, but an 86-year-old woman has revealed that she takes to modern consoles with her pensioner friends.

Having been playing videogames for over 40 years, Hilda Knott says she often enjoys even hard-core titles with a 94-year-old friend.

“We had a hilarious time,” she tells the BBC as she recklessly drove her car through traffic on Grand Theft Auto IV.

When asked what she most enjoyed about gaming, she replied: “Finding something new in the game, getting on to the next stage or the next event or whatever, and then having the achievement of finishing it.”

Playing a variety of games has “definitely” kept her mentally active, explains Ms Knott.

“Because a lot of them, as well as adventures and fighting, are puzzles,” she commented.

“Working out how to do something, when to do it.”

Additionally, the 86-year-old says she plays on an impressive 65” screen to help with her eyesight.

Last week, gaming industry representative Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, told us that public perception of videogames was changing.

"There's a big range of videogames that are available now, it's not just a question of games being made for teenage boys,” he commented, adding: "The perception of videogames actually has changed anyway and it’s the industry of the future."

image: © Kenny Louie

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