The Hidden Magic of Il Borro

Il Borro Room

Tucked away in the ever-wonderful hills of Tuscany is an amazing place. Unless someone tells you, you’d never see this old Borgo, a village perfectly restored without any of the kitsch of over-restoring.

Il Borgo

Inside, it's equipped with all we modern people need, comfortable beds, dishwashers, and yet, it is the quietness and the huge wooded area surrounding it that makes Il Borro so wonderful.

These 1,000 hectares used to be the hunting grounds for the fashion family, Ferregamo, util they loved it so much they bought it. And since then, they've been pouring money into it to keep it well. And what an excellent idea: to preserve a special area without selling out to a hotel chain or letting it go to waste, but inventing a luxury agri-tourismo fit for our times.

Il Borro Room

People like nature, and need it to get their breath back, but they also need comfort to be able to do it. So scenic but shabby (as agri-tourismo all too often is in Italy) won’t do. Glamping maybe be the way to do it in England. Il Borro is ‘it’ in Italy.

They are continuously updating, and the latest whiz is becoming top-notch biodynamic, so they've been installing enough well-hidden photovoltaic units to keep the whole estate provided with electric power.

It seems this message has already spread worldwide. The elegant houses on offer are in great demand for weddings in Italy for many cultures. They aren't cheap but they're very comfortable, and feature plenty of space. The glory of shimmering saris in these surroundings, stunningly beautiful! The Chinese are also finding their way into the Tuscan hills, so it’s high time to explore this marvel.

It’s easy to get to; Florence is just an hour away, Pisa a little more. So with little effort, you can add some culture, or just stick with some serious spa treatments from the lovely Sarah. Or ride one of the 25 superb horses are stabled there.

Il Borro Horses

Of course, Italy would not be Italy without the food and wine. The tagliata of beef was delicious, and so were the Porcini mushrooms, fresh from the woods. The fabulous wine form Il Borro, in the region where the first Chianti was made in 1716, is so good, it's no wonder their exports are enormous now. And while the cellar is gigantic, the supply is limited, since this vine takes a very long time to grow. In this as well, the Ferregamos have progressed the style of wine offered, and their exceptional enologist, Stefano Chiccioli, is credited with the new Borro wine, a subtle mix of Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah and Petit Verdot. But of course only tasting this creation will convince you.

Go while you can and enjoy it all.