NBA Trade Talk: Dwight Howard to leave Lakers for the Mavericks?

Dwight Howard to leave LA? Surely not...

There is exactly one month until the NBA Trade Deadline, and rumours are starting to hot up...

Dwight Howard to leave the Lakers?

Dwight Howard to leave the Lakers, surely not? After all the furore he caused to get to LA, remarkably it is being suggested.

The center has failed to gel the team into championship contenders, and they are worse placed than they were last season, even sitting two and a half games outside the playoffs.

Trading Howard would certainly be a radical move, after just three months playing alongside Kobe Bryant, but it is exactly what a legend of the franchise believes they should do.

Former shareholder and player Magic Johnson has already given up on their season, saying earlier this month: "It's over for my Lakers. No playoffs, no nothing."

Now he has spoken out on the future of Dwight Howard, believing he would be a good fit for struggling 2010/11 champions the Dallas Mavericks.

"If I'm Mark Cuban (Mavs owner), I would say this, I would call Jim Buss and say look, 'I've always wanted Dwight Howard. Can we make a deal before the trade deadline?

"Because you know once the summer comes, Mark is going to go after him anyway. But if he gets him in a trade, he can pay him more money and maybe he'll stay.

"Because Atlanta's going to try and get Dwight Howard. I think New Jersey's going to be in play and and try to get him so Mark Cuban, go after him! And give away everyone but Dirk. That's what I would do."

What do you think of the comments? Is Howard dispensable? Which Mavs players would improve the Lakers?

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