EA's staffing boss: sexism doesn't hold women back

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Fault sits with women's resistance to gaming and education systems.

Shooting back at claims that the games industry is fundamentally sexist, EA's Gabrielle Toledano, executive vice president and chief talent officer, says that's a "cop-out".

In a guest article for Forbes, Ms Toledano admits that the games industry is chiefly staffed by men, but says that the key to getting in more women is to accept that the issue isn't one of sexism.

"I know sexism exists, but the issue isn’t just in video games. And it’s not what’s holding us back," she explained.

Instead, Ms Toledano said women had to look at their habit of often distancing themselves from gaming before attributing their underrepresentation to male chauvinism.

"Women need to start by recognising that we are, in fact, gamers," the company's head talent scout stressed.

"Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but more often than not, women today are playing video games."

Pointing out that nearly half of all gamers are women, Ms Toledano explained that there simply weren't enough women with science and engineering qualification to hire.

Instead of labelling the gaming industry as sexist, she said that supporting women to enter traditionally male dominated courses in engineering and computing could make the most impact.

"If women don’t join this industry because they believe sexism will limit them, they’re missing out," she said, concluding: "The sky is the limit when it comes to career opportunities for women (and men) in games."


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