Gas Powered Games begrudgingly lays-off staff

Wildman Gas Powered Games

Kickstarter Wildman team cast off as future of studio thrown into doubt.

RTS developer Gas Powered Games has announced a series of lay-offs as a lack of funds bites hard, with boss Chris Taylor throwing the company at the mercy of gamers with its Kickstarter project, Wildman.

Following much enthusiasm for its ambitious $1.1 million Kickstarter project, the company has now had to face harsh economic realities putting all projects, including Wildman, at risk and resulting in staff being jettisoned.

"If I ran this team through the entire Kickstarter campaign and it fails to fund, then I have to let everyone go, shut the company down, no one gets any unpaid PTO or severance… And that I decided was not worth it," Taylor explained in a video addressing the gaming community (via Polygon).

"I really felt like it was a crazy idea to gamble in this economy and gamble with the people here who are the most talented and loyal people. To play a card game with their livelihoods is not smart."

The team behind Wildman have now been let go as part of the company-wide lay-offs, but the possibility remains to rehire them if the Kickstarter receives enough pledges.

Subsequently, the emotional company boss implored the community to help guide the company's actions around its Kickstarter project, specifically asking whether they believe the project should be scrapped entirely.

Currently, comments seem broadly positive, with fans urging Gas Powered Games to continue the crowd-funding effort and thanking him for his honesty.

Despite this, at the time of writing the Kickstarter page reports only $213,000 pledged out of the $1.1 million needed.


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