Tablets bump Dixons’ sales

CEO cites phenomenal demand in touch screen devices for Christmas bump.

Dixons’ is celebrating a significant bump in sales during the 12-week period ended 5th January, 2013, citing demand for tablet computers as the root cause.

During this period sales for the group, which include retailers Currys and PC World, jumped 3 per cent worldwide, including a gain of 8 per cent in the UK and Ireland and 11 per cent for Northern Europe.

“Tablet sales were phenomenal across our markets,” commented CEO Sebastian James, adding: “White goods were also strong, particularly in the UK.”

However, not every sector of the business grew, with Southern European territories, including Italy, Greece and Turkey, seeing a decline in sales of 8 per cent.

However, Mr James pointed out that the group traded ahead of weak local markets and managed to maintain profitability “robustly”.

The group expects its full-year profit before tax to be in tune with earlier expectations of £75 to £85 million.

This good news for a major high street retailer comes amid reports that both HMV and Blockbuster have entered administration.

HMV’s failure was blamed on its poor response to the online marketplace by Musicmetric CEO Gregory Mead.

He explained: "HMV simply failed to adapt to the changing tastes of music fans and the seismic shift we've seen as everything has gone digital."

Games alone make up 17 per cent of HMV’s sales mix, with 7 per cent of the entire market migrating to digital distribution, according to the Entertainment Retailers Association.


image: © Sham Hardy