Tiga: Biden's comments are "out of date"

Richard Wilson Outside Number 10

The games industry already has changed perceptions, says CEO Dr Richard Wilson

US Vice President Biden's comments on the public perception of gaming are "out of date", explains Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of UK videogames trade body Tiga.

Speaking with Here Is The City, Mr Wilson argued that the public increasingly understands that the games industry caters to a wide variety of consumers and that it makes important contributions to society.

"In the States and in the UK the videogames industry is a billion-pound or -dollar industry, creates high-skilled jobs, is good for exports and drives high-quality work for very creative people," Dr Wilson explained.

As reported earlier today, Vice President Biden admitted that there were no proven links between videogames and violent behaviour and that games were protected under the first amendment, but warned that games makers should do more to tackle its increasingly negative public perception.

"I don't think the Vice President's comments are accurate," the games industry representative told us today, emphasising the changes the industry has already made.

"There's a big range of videogames that are available now, it's not just a question of games being made for teenage boys."

Dr Wilson pointed to many genres on the market now, from those aimed exclusively at children, to causal puzzle-based games and the more mature action-orientated titles.

He added: "The perception of videogames actually has changed anyway and it’s the industry of the future."

Tiga recently celebrated winning the accolade of 'Trade Body of the Year' at the Public Affairs News’ Awards, following the group's successful lobbying for a UK tax break for games makers.

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