In the Name of Love

French Toast Mathilda Tan

Far be it from us to be judgmental, but really, some of these fans are a little crazy.

NY Magazine's article from a few months ago lists 13 Weird (or Expensive) Things That Fans Have Spent Major Cash On. They include:

Justin Timberlake's leftover French Toast, bought on ebay for $1,025 by a college student who should really have been spending her money on beer.

John Lennon's extracted molar, sold for $32K to a dentist (who we hope was able to write it off).

A tissue used by Scarlett Johansson. For $5,300. It was handed to her by Jay Leno, used on TV, and according to the article, she got the cold from Samuel L Jackson.

A few items went for a song: the 9th Dr Who's TARDIS (£10,800), one of Andy Warhol's silver wigs ($10,800), Marilyn Monroe's white dress ($4.7m). Oh, wait, that's not a bargain. It's a little crazy, though.