9 Expensive Celebrity Mistakes

Here is 9 examples of some costly celebrity scandals

Mel Gibson

First on the list is Mr Braveheart himself. After a glittering Hollywood career, Gibson fell from grace after he was caught in an embrace with a Russian singer.

His wife of 31 years filed for divorce and took half his wealth, getting $425m

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator, The Governor of California and married to a Kennedy. Life was good for Arnie. But all good things must come to an end. Especially when he allegedly got a member of his family’s domestic staff pregnant. Another marriage ending in divorce. This time costing $375m.

Tiger Woods

One of the greatest golfers of all time. And once upon a time had sponsorship deals and endorsements coming out of his ears. Unfortunately, Woods as well as his love for golf, also loved a number of women other than his wife.

The divorce settlement was for 'just' $110m, though Woods probably lost $250m because of lost sponsors, legal fees and the consultant he had to hire rebuild his image. Ouch

Lance Armstrong

The cycling king no more. After winning seven consecutive Tour de France competitions from 1999 – 2005, he was the modern day sporting hero.

Well that was until 2012 when he was found guilty of doping and cheating his way through is career (claims Armstrong has yet to admit to).

He was stripped of all his titles, ordered to return his prize money, and sponsors pulled out. He is also being sued by teammates. It is estimated that it will cost him $125m.

Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant stood by her man even with rape allegations filed by a woman in Colorado. He got her back with a $4m ring, but he allegedly continued to be unfaithful, so the wife finally filed for divorce. She got $75m, and three Newport Beach properties worth $18m.

Charlie Sheen

After a public meltdown, allegedly including drug benders, porn stars and drink problems, the actor lashed out at the creator of his TV series Two and a Half Men. Sheen got fired from the show. He was supposed to earn $1.25m per episode, meaning he lost $36m for the whole season.

Kirsten Stewart

She launched to fame in the Twilight movies as Bella, and then hooked up with her co-star Robert Pattinson. Life couldn’t get much better for Ms Stewart. But one moment of indiscretion, a fling with Rupert Sanders, the director of another one of her movies, her perfect world came crashing down. Robert Pattinson, broke up with her, and the $10m salary for the movie sequel was in jeopardy.

Lindsay Lohan

The teenage movie star’s life spiraled out of control, with several allegations of drug and alcohol abuse, jewelry theft, and drunk driving. She used to earn $7.5m per movie at four movies per year, but movie offers have dwindled since her problems surfaced.

Tom Cruise

His strict adherence to the teachings of the Church of Scientology gave a lot of people the creeps. Although there’s been no major scandal, it all seems to have got a bit much for his wife Katie Holmes, who filed for divorce. The divorce settlement cost him $4.8m, aside from other expenses related to their child.

Source: http://www.therichest.org

image: © Keith Allison

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