Sepp Blatter: Boateng overreacted

Sepp Blatter has described Kevin Prince Boateng’s decision to walk off of the field after being racially abused in a friendly against Pro Patria as ‘over the top’.

Many of us have often sat and wondered how Sepp Blatter is the head of all football in all lands far and wide. He seems outdated on so many subjects and his fresh comments about the latest big incident concerning racism in football simply emphasise this.

Kevin Prince Boateng was well within his rights to walk off of the field as he was constantly racially abused while playing for AC Milan in a friendly against Pro Patria.

His teammates followed him and he was even given some visual signs of support by the Pro Patria players. Blatter has described Boateng’s reaction as over the top and has suggested the talented midfielder should have behaved and reacted differently.

Bear in mind this is the man who once suggested that on field incidents of racism should be settled with a handshake between the players involved after the final whistle.

“Walk off? No. I don't think that is the solution. But the Italian federation has yet to provide Fifa with a report detailing what exactly has happened. I don't think you can run away, because then the team should have to forfeit the match,” Blatter told the National, a UAE newspaper.

Blatter has once again pushed FIFA’s line of zero tolerance against racism but his opinions on punishments are, unsurprisingly, outdated and have been proven not to work as long term solution in terms of getting this out of the game.

Instead of players sticking up for themselves, he suggests the best way to go is to dish out heavy fines and points deductions. The same old punishments which have proven to be ineffective over a long period of time.

The only way that racism in football is going to stop is if the fans responsible are prevented from the luxury of watching live football. While Blatter is in charge of FIFA the disgusting side of the game we all know and love is not going to change.

If anyone, in any walk of life, in any job, is forced to endure verbal and sick racial abuse as they go about their daily business, they will get up, leave the office and go home.

Wake up Sepp.

image: © World Economic Forum

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