Microsoft Pressures Europe After FTC Google Verdict

Microsoft is pressuring European regulators to take a harsher line on Google after America's FTC let the search giant off without punishment.

Microsoft  laid out its arguments in a blog post Wednesday by Dave Heiner, the software maker's deputy general counsel.

Heiner mostly rehashed familiar ground, while depicting Google as a company that has abused its dominance of Internet search and leadership in online video to thwart its rivals to the detriment of consumers.

Microsoft lobbed its lasted missive as regulators in the U.S. and Europe wrap up wide-ranging investigations into Google's business practices.

After extensive negotiations with Google executives, resolutions of the probes are expected soon. Microsoft is worried Google will reach settlements that won't require major changes.

On Thursday, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission closed its investigation against Google for antitrust violations. The FTC concluded there was no evidence of search results manipulation. (Read more: FTC Finds Google Does Not Unfairly Favor its Own Services )

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