45 Famous People Who Left Us In 2012


Gone but not forgotten.

Gerry Anderson, 83, English publisher, producer, director and writer

Neil Armstrong, 82, American astronaut, first person to walk on the Moon

Maeve Binchy, 72, Irish novelist, columnist and public speaker

Ernest Borgnine, 95, American actor

Ray Bradbury, 91, American science fiction and fantasy author

Dave Brubeck, 91, American jazz pianist

Sir Alastair Burnet, 84, British journalist and broadcaster

Max Bygraves, 89, British singer, variety performer, and TV game show host

Frank Carson, 85, Northern Irish comedian

Dick Clark, 82, American television host and producer

Don Cornelius, 75, American television host and producer

James Coyne, 102, Canadian banker, Governor of the Bank of Canada

Hal David, 91, American lyricist

Phyllis Diller, 95, American comedienne and actress

Ben Gazzara, 81, American actor

Robin Gibb, 62, British singer and songwriter (Bee Gees),

Art Ginsburg, 81, American television chef

Larry Hagman, 81, American actor

Marvin Hamlisch, 68, American composer

Whitney Houston, 48, American singer

Daniel Inouye, 88, American politician

Etta James, 73, American blues singer

Jimmy Jones, 82, American pop singer

Kenneth Kendall, 88, British television broadcaster

Rodney King, 47, American victim of videotaped police beating that sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots, accidental drowning

Jack Klugman, 90, American actor

Herbert Lom, 95, Czech-born British actor

George McGovern, 90, American politician

Dom Mintoff, 96, Maltese politician, Prime Minister

Sir Patrick Moore, 89, British astronomer and broadcaster

Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., 78, United States Army general who, while he served as Commander of U.S. Central Command, was commander of coalition forces in the Gulf War.

Arlen Specter, 82, American politician

Victor Spinetti, 82, Welsh comic actor

Terry Spinks, 74, British Olympic gold medal-winning

Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley, 82, British politician and author

Saul Steinberg, 73, American businessman and corporate raider

Stalking Cat, 54, American body modifier

Donna Summer, 63, American singer

Eric Sykes, 89, British comedy writer

Gore Vidal, 86, American playwright, novelist, political commentator and actor

Mike Wallace, 93, American news correspondent

Bert Weedon, 91, English guitarist and composer

Kitty Wells, 92, American country music singer

Andy Williams, 84, American singer

Jocky Wilson, 62, Scottish darts player


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