17 Of Our Most Popular Stories of 2012

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All the interesting / amusing stuff is here - but not the job loss and bad bonus news.

Confessions Of A Young Banker - The Day I Snapped

The Email That Caused Panic At UBS

'This Firm Really Is The Most Impossible Place To Work'

9 Emails That Cost Barclays $456m

Banker's Girlfriend: 'I Never Understood How This Would Impact My Life'

Probably The Coolest Trading Floor Pic Ever

2012 Best Place To Work - The Top 100 Firms

Another Sorry Would-Be Wall Street Intern Email Goes Viral (The Ego Has Landed)

Another Scandal As Big As LIBOR ? You Couldn't Make This Up!

Top Firm 'Fires' Over 1,300 - By Mistake

Top CEO Said In Email Rage - Sometimes It's Best Not To Engage With The Boss!

Blundering Junior IT Professional Said To Have Cost Firm $156m (and Counting)

7 Examples Of Silly Things That Got Bank Employees In Very Hot Water At Work

The Most Stupid Banker Firing Ever

12 Classic Banker Bonus Quotes

The Most Difficult Companies To Interview With

If You Want To Feel Really Sick About Your Comp, Read This

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