Adrian Mutu vs Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Adrian Mutu

The former Chelsea striker claimed he would score more goals then the imperious Swede this season. So just how is he getting on?

It is little surprise that Adrian Mutu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic seem to get on quite well. Former team-mates at Juventus; the two are reportedly good friends and on the face of things you can see why such a kinship would emerge.

Serial tattooist’s and of a similar age both have taking in many different football clubs across the continent. Considered future stars from an early age is another common denominator in the dynamic. Then there is the bad-boy tag. Adrian Mutu has certainly flaunted that in the past with his dalliances with rehab and celebrity lifestyle. Zlatan is also not afraid to ruffle feathers. His time at Barcelona was bristling with controversy while he has also earned a reputation for casually walking around and nonchalantly round-housing his team-mates for seemingly no apparent reason.

Recently he courted more controversy after appearing to stamp on the head of Lyon defender Dejan Lovren during a Ligue 1 tie.

He spoke of the issue with his usual demeanour of justified self-assurance:

‘’I came here to win and I will continue to be the way I am, because the way I am, I had in ten years a fantastic career. So people telling me now to change... no! I will tell people what to do.’’

The other similarity between the Swede and Romanian is an insatiable love for scoring goals. Both have found the net on numerous occasions in Serie A and now they both find themselves in the same league once again as Adrian Mutu is currently plying his trade with AC Ajaccio.

When he first arrived he set up a friendly gauntlet with his old team-mate and Juve crony on that shared subject matter:

"I know Zlatan well, he's a good friend. I'll set him a challenge to see who scores more. Even though he's in the better team, it's no problem. I'd bet on myself."

So ladies and gentlemen here is a progress report as we approach the end of the year.

Adrian Mutu has so far featured in 12 games for his current club so far this season and scored a whopping grand total of three goals.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the other hand has played in 21 games, so he has an advantage there but wait look, he has also scored 18 goals.

Just 15 goals to go before you catch him up Adrian.

Does Adrian Mutu have any chance of outdoing his Swedish rival?

image: © Enrico Carcasci

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