11 Things That Happened This Day In History - 21st December

The Moon

Here is a note of 11 things that happened on this day in history

1. 1891 - The first basketball game, invented at Springfield College in Massachusetts by James E. Naismith, is played

2. 1937 - Disney's Snow White, the first feature length color and sound cartoon, premieres

3. 1946 - An undersea earthquake sets off a powerful tsunami that devastates Honshu, Japan, sending 20 foot waves which obliterated buildings and leaves 2,000 people dead and half a million homeless

4. 1948 - Samuel L Jackson is born

5. 1956 - Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the first passengers of the new integrated bus system in Georgia, where blacks and whites ride together

6. 1958 - General Charles de Gaulle is elected President of France

7. 1962 - US President Kennedy and UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan agree that the UK will buy nuclear missiles from the US

8. 1968 - Apollo 8 is launched on a mission to orbit the moon

9. 1970 - President Richard M. Nixon enlists the help of Elvis Presley in his fight against drugs

10. 1988 - A terrorist bomb explodes aboard a Pan Am Boeing 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people

11. 1995 - Palestinians take over the control of the city of Bethlehem

Source: BBC, Wikipedia, historyorb.com, infoplease.com, history.co.uk, brainyhistory.com, on-this-day.com

image: © Dave Young

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