Busy Banker Seeks Help To Manage His 'Personal' Life

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Why does it always have to be a banker ?

CNBC reports that one busy banker is looking to hire someone who can do some serious screening, not of his phone calls, but of his potential dates.

An anonymous person claiming to be a 'Wall Street professional' has posted an ad on Craigslist, in search of a woman to manage his love life.

'I am looking for a female who can screen, write, respond to and set up telephone calls with potential dates from online dating websites', wrote the in a Craigslist post titled 'Online Dating Writer / Manager'. Why ? 'Don't have time to do this myself'.

Arrogant or what ? So the ladies are going to be falling over themselves to get a date with this guy, and he's so busy he won't be able to respond to all the applications ? Jerk.

The successful candidate will have to be able to make this Wall Street hot shot sound interesting and, well, human (which on the face of it might be difficult).

One banker told Here Is The City: 'Yeah, this guy's busy alright - busy settling trades! If he was anything special he'd have his PA sort this kind of stuff out (like mine does). Sounds to me like he's got serious delusions of adequacy'.

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