A Brit posterizing an American NBA all-star? - Watch Byron Mullens monster dunk on LaMarcus Aldridge

Bulls At Bobcats Tip Off

The half-British power forward Byron Mullens made the play for the Charlotte Bobcats in their 118-112 overtime defeat to the Portland Trail Blazers over 2012 NBA All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge.

Heard of Byron Mullens? No you probably have not unless you are something of a hardened NBA fan or a follower of the British basketball team. That’s right he is one of our own and the artist formerly known as ‘B.J’ was intent on playing for Team GB in this summer’s Olympics until a toe injury ruled him out of contention.

Born in Ohio to an English mother he has played the majority of his NBA games for the unfancied Charlotte Bobcats after brief stays with the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Let’s put it nicely he hasn’t exactly set the league alight but it’s the NBA and as a British fan there is little doubt I am going to clutch at whatever straw I can with hope of a better future for the game in our country.

This dunk may just be it.

In the first quarter he threw up a brick for three that ricocheted off the rim straight back into his path and gave him safe passage to the hoop with the lane wide-open. In a moment that seemed to surprise Mullens more than the victim of the posterizing LaMarcus Aldridge he thundered to the basket and netted a stonking one armed dunk. Did he travel on the first step? Maybe. Was it an offensive foul on Aldridge? Maybe. Did the Trail Blazers go on to win and Aldridge end the game with decent figures for a man who was sent tumbling by a Brit? Maybe.

But none of that matters. This is going to be a contender for dunk of the season and the kid is British as far as I’m concerned. We don’t get much to cheer about so the Americans can surely let us have this brief moment of glory. Check this out and try not to wince too much when ball meets net.

images: © daysatthundr46, © daysatthundr46