Oh, James

20 Bond Bloopers

Or shall we say, "Oh, silly screenwriter."

This video of 20 James Bond moments goes by the name of 'bloopers'. Some are true inconsistencies, like in The Living Daylights, when Timothy Dalton's Bond cuts a hole in the ice on a lake, but then it appears not much larger than the car that's sinking. Or when Daniel Craig's Bond gives the woman he loves a different code for the money he's won in the casino. But most of them are just silly, impossible or otherwise especially funny. Of course, without the commentary you'd miss most of these -- just like you did in the theatre.

Our favourite is in For Your Eyes Only, when the emergency scuba kit says (5:15), "Speak only when necessary," and Roger Moore's Bond proceeds to talk ad nauseam.

A pretty great video, even for the casual fan!