Twitter reacts to 'Freddie' Flintoff's boxing win

Flintoff Bowling

Andrew Flintoff has won his first boxing bout - A Newcastle United left-back and a celebrity football fans for Arsenal and Chelsea are among those to express their congratulations via Twitter.

Ashes hero Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff has won his first professional boxing bout, defeating Richard Dawson (in only his third contest) 39-38 on points in a four round bout, despite being knocked down in the second.

Here is how famous faces on Twitter have reacted to his incredible achievement.

@piersmorgan: People can mock, but Freddie's dominating a pro fighter. Great stuff.

@michaelvaughan: Get in @flintoff11 ..

@taylor1984: Hats off to Freddie for just getting in the ring, takes a big set to do that. Should retire unbeaten now tho

@timlovejoy: Freddie says better than ashes for personal achievement #howzat!#flintoff

@mrjakehumphrey: Tell you what though, for all those being negative. I doubt many of them would dare to get in a ring with gloves on. #CriticsDoNotCount

@hucksd6dh6: Win for Flintoff fair play to him, lets hope he leaves it there, he'd get damaged against a moderately decent heavyweight, #NothingToProve

@benfoster: Fair do's Freddie, it was ugly but he just beat a pro boxer! ReckonFreddie's opponent will be getting all sorts of banter from his mates!!

@billysharp10: Actually thought the freddie fight was funny.ha ha,pub fight,windmills.good effort though.@flintoff11

What did you think of Flintoff's boxing debut?