A Comedy of Errors - A look at the New York Jets humiliation a week on

Mark Sanchez

The Thanksgiving night defeat to the New England Patriots was humiliating for the New York Jets and in particular quarterback Mark Sanchez and not for the usual reasons.

The NFL went a bit slapstick as Sanchez ran headfirst into the sizable posterior of guard Brandon Moore which resulted in a fumble that Patriots safety Steve Gregory ran in for a touchdown and ensured Sanchez a spot on the ‘What Happened Next’ round of a Question of Sport in the near future.

That gaffe, of course, was only a part of one of the worst minutes in NFL history.

The Patriots scored three touchdowns in a 52-second span, turning a 7-0 advantage into a 28-0 blowout in stunning fashion.

Unfortunately the Jets couldn’t see the funny side and that defeat has left their record at 4-7 and severely diminished their playoff hopes heading into Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals at MetLife Stadium.

“It’s embarrassing,” Sanchez said “Like a car accident, I was like, ‘Whoa! What just happened?’

The team now needs to look ahead to their match against the Arizona Cardinals and put their mixed season behind them.

“Our focus is just on Arizona right now,” cornerback Kyle Wilson said. “Everything that happened before, we’re just learning from it and moving on. We’re not worried about anything that’s in the past. We’re just looking to what we can do in the future.”

The Jets can conjure some optimism because their final five opponents have losing records.

But the Jets are in that same woeful position, closer to those teams in the standings than to the playoff contenders.

With little evidence that a five-game winning streak is imminent, the Jets are taking a simpler approach to this final stretch. Sanchez spoke for the team when he said.

“The key to winning five is just winning the first one.”

image: © Ed Yourdon