Flintoff's First Fight: What to Expect

Flintoff Bowling

Andrew Flintoff is due to step into the ring for his first fight as a professional boxer this Friday against unbeaten American Richard Dawson. Should we get our hopes up?

When Freddie Flintoff announced that he was going to try his hand at boxing, not a lot of people took him seriously. Many expected him to bow out of the conquest long before this point but he’s now in a show down with Richard Dawson, a heavyweight who has never lost a fight.

It will be extremely interesting because Flintoff has been picked up and trained by the McGuigan family. He has made a dramatic transformation in all stages of his life and looks as though he could have a few years of boxing in his new trim cut figure and regime. All he has to do now is go into the ring on Friday and win.

“I understand people are protective of the sport, but I'm going in the ring on Friday and that's what all my energy is going into. They need to watch me and give me a chance. Through the fight and documentary, I want to show what sacrifices boxers go through and things that your casual sports fan might not necessarily realise about boxing,” said Flintoff as reported on the Business Recorder website.

So what can we expect? Well anyone who has been following Flintoff’s documentary on Sky will realise that he is cutting a very determined and fit figure.

He looks bigger and physically stronger than he has ever been which means, in terms of punching, that he can more than match his opponent. Very few heavyweights in boxing would like to be caught by his right hand.

It’s also important to note that Flintoff has been doing four two minute round sparring sessions for weeks so the physical side of this fight and his fitness should stand up to anything Dawson has to offer. Flintoff has lost the weight as he has trained and his cardiovascular fitness seems to have improved dramatically.

A lot of people will still see this is a bit of fun, nothing to take too seriously and something to just sit back and have a laugh about due to the laddish reputation that Flintoff has previously enjoyed.

However, if he wins this fight, picks up further wins then higher profile opponents are going to come calling. It’s highly unlikely that he will ever get into the ring for a serious title bout but he could certainly enjoy a reputation as a solid heavyweight on the professional circuit.

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