How To Spend Your Bonus #29 - The World's Most Expensive Water Bottle

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The Aurum 79 limited edition water bottle will dent your Christmas bonus by a mere $900,000.

Just sit back and imagine yourself in your penthouse apartment, admiring your solid gold Christmas tree, drinking gold leaf infused water from your new 24ct gold diamond encrusted water bottle. This dream could soon be a reality, all you need is a cool $5.1m total, or a carefully allocated Christmas bonus.

The Aurum 79 limited edition water bottle has been beautifully produced by RC Product, using the finest crystal glass, covered with 24ct pure gold and a whopping 113 diamonds. The bottle is a limited edition 1 of 3 and has been filled with 500ml of the purest German spring water infused with 24ct gold edible flakes.

Forget about a white Christmas, this year we are dreaming of a gold Christmas!

Image Source : RC Product

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