11 Celebrity Twitter Gaffes

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Here is some of our favourite celebrity twitter gaffes.

Worst celeb twitter gaffes

1. It wasn't Ashton Kutcher’s finest hour when he tweeted "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."He didn't know that Joe Paterno, the legendary coach of Penn State, was being fired for getting entangled in a scandal involving sexual abuse of a child. – After a swift apology, AK deleted his twitter account

2. Singer Susan Boyle's PR team were left red-faced after tweeting a promotion for her new album with a 'hashtag' featuring a rude double entendre. '#susanalbumparty'… time to sack the PR company

3. Kim Kardashian may be the most talked about reality tv star but when she took a quick Twitter photo of herself holding a cat by the scruff of its neck she might have wished she wasn’t so famous… this did not go down well with her followers and she received a lot of complaints…

4. Not one to shy away from a bit of publicity but Charlie Sheen made the ultimate Twitter mistake of direct messaging his mobile number to Justin Bieber only for it to end up on his timeline…doh

5. New York Congressman Anthony Weiner became the center of a media firestorm, when he briefly posted a lewd self-portrait for all of his constituents to see on Twitter. He admitted it was meant as a direct message to a Seattle woman as "a joke."There’s no surprise that Weiner no longer holds elected office…

6. James Franco might have propelled to fame playing Harry Osborn in the Spider-Man trilogy – but all the money in the world couldn’t have helped him out of the hole he dug himself into. The Oscar co-host blamed show writer Bruce Vilanch for his widely panned performance on twitter – he later backtracked but the damage had already been done…OUCH

7. Footballers are not known for their brain power and Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand is no exception to the rule. He sparked a Washington security alert after he posted a picture of White House security staff on his Twitter site. The picture was picked up by President Barack Obama's security staff who immediately removed the offending image

8. Courtney Love's twitter scandal is a perfect example of what not to do…. Fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir is laughing all the way to the bank after winning a defamation lawsuit worth $430,000 based on a series of viscous tweets from Love accusing her of being a prostitute and a drug dealer… Blimey!

9. If you think Kim Kardashian made an error with her tweet - that was nothing compared to her beau Kanye West (quite possibly the the most loose-lipped celebrity on twitter). He caused outrage when he tweeted, "an abortion can cost a ballin’ n***as up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ b****es be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n***as!" Surely not all publicity is good publicity Mr West!

10. Oh, LiLo. Where do we start? Just days after being given her first prison sentence for violating parole back in 2010, Linsey Lohan took to twitter comparing her 90-day prison sentence to the stoning of Iranian women for adultery… Yes she really did!

11. Sri Lankan-Brit musician M.I.A took her revenge on New York Times Magazine writer Lynn Hirshberg by tweeting her personal phone number after she wrote an unflattering profile in the Sunday magazine. OUCH!


image: © West McGowan

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