Video: Joey Barton is trending on Twitter again - What has he done this time?

Joey Barton Interview

More like what has he done errrr zis time? Joey has managed to do a Steve McClaren and put on a rather hilarious broken French accent to help the local media understand him.... check out the video below.

As always I do like to keep abreast of all things popular in the world of Twitter especially when it comes to football. In recent gems checking out why the likes of Felipe Melo and Mickael Landreau were trending worldwide has led me to see quite incredible things. Mad-dog Melo’s penalty save then subsequent crawling celebration was spectacular considering his normal position is as midfield enforcer. Landreau however ticks goalkeeping as his full time profession and showed everybody why when in action against Marseille this weekend. His triple save has to be seen to be believed.

Tediously linked to that previous statement is what got my internet pallet tantalised most recently; when the name ‘Joey Barton’ trends on Twitter it is always worth a gander.

I have been a staunch defender of the midfield man despite his obvious intricate flaws and again on this occasion I will defend him to the high heavens over his most recent gaffe.

Remember Steve McClaren doing his best impression of a Dutch coach driver?

Stopped laughing? Composed yourself? Read on s'il vous plaît...

When Joey Barton signed for Marseille on a season-long loan deal I swear I remember him saying that he would do his utmost to avoid falling into the same trapdoor; however as we all know Barton is a serial tweeter and scanning through all his Tweets to find proof seemed both tedious and unnecessary; the fact remains Barton’s French accent was rather interesting….

I am not going to blame Joey; I spend a night out with Australian friends and come back sounding like Crocodile Dundee. A week away in the Midlands left me with an accent like an ‘Emergency Biker’ for at least a month. Hell one view of the film ‘Kes’ and I are off sounding like a desperate Emmerdale auditionee.

The best thing about it as that you can tell Joey knows he is doing it and doesn’t seem to care. In fact he has taken it all in good grace on Twitter as you can see below…

What do you make of Joey Barton’s new accent?

image: © michael kjaer

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