Manners, Gentlemen, Manners!

English Gentleman Jenny Rollo

We need to talk. 25% of you have clipped your nails on the Tube? That should be .25%. At most, 25% of you can admit to clipping your nails somewhere in your house other than the bathroom.

Here's what else the study, commissioned by Gilette for Movember, found:

  • 30% have picked their nose on the Tube (revolting!)
  • 20% have had to watch people make out on the Tube (ridiculous!)
  • 1 in 5 women refused to go on a date with someone because they didn’t have good manners (wisely)
  • Half of women in a relationship wished their partner acted more like a gentleman (seriously, half?)
  • 90% of men consider themselves to be a gentleman, but 41% still think they could make more of an effort (see above, guys, there's some incongruity here)
  • Only 19% of men offered their seat on public transport in the past month (shameful)
  • Men believe the most chivalrous act is to open the door for a woman, with 80% saying they have done this in the past month (it's easy and should be done at least twice a day)
  • A third of Brits have had someone swear at them in the past month (and we hope that none of you have sworn at anyone in the past month)
  • 40% of the age group 18-24 believed being chivalrous was no longer cool, the most out of any age group (what is cooler than being gentlemanly?)
  • Only 7% of people in the UK have written a thank you letter in the past year (admittedly men aren't great at this, but ladies?)

We're not going to lecture here. We're just going to leave you with the facts. So gentlemen, step it up!

Thank you.