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Why football managers act like WAGs to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich treats 'em mean and keeps 'em keen, but managers are queuing up to be disrespected at Chelsea.

Worth an estimated £12.1 billion, it is quite easy to see why Roman Abramovich does not  play by the same rules as you or I.

Over the last 24 hours, he has sacked Roberto di Matteo and hired his ninth manager in nine years as the Chelsea owner.

The Russian has been accused of 'treating his managers badly' - with many questioning why anybody would want to take the Chelsea job - but Abramovich's itchy trigger finger is part of the attraction.

Those drawn to the Chelsea job perhaps have masochistic tendencies, but the managers are more reminiscent of the post-2006 celebrity phenomenon, known as the WAGs.

The Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) of England's football players became notorious during the 2006 World Cup, and thereafter, for their love of shopping, being seen out and photographed all glammed up, and basically getting famous for nothing other than who they are sleeping with.

Being a WAG comes with its pitfalls, it isn't all spending and photoshoots, they generally have to accept a lack of trust between them and their morally-challenged multi-millionaire footballer partners.

In the back of their mind, they know their partner may be playing away off the pitch as well as on it, but are prepared to put up with it, for the 'perks' of a paid for glamorous lifestyle provided for them.

Look at Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, and John Terry's wives, still with their husbands despite them admitting their, at-times, multiple infidelity. In the case they do separate, if they have made it past the altar, you can bet they will secure a hefty divorce payout.

Which brings us full circle back to Roman Abramovich, who split from his wife Irina in 2007, and paid which was at the time the world's heftiest divorce settlement; she received £1 billion, and four properties on top.

And the football managers running the gauntlet at Chelsea are prepared to essentially become WAGs and suspend the nagging thought in the back of their head that the job is ultimately doomed, because when they are there, Abramovich treats them so well.

Like a footballer giving his missus a credit card to head to the shopping centre, Abramovich hands his managers a chequebook and lets them enjoy themselves, splash the cash on new players which regular club owners can't provide.

Until he gets tired that is, and wants a new exciting young thing at the helm of his club, firing the manager for a hefty payout, and looking for a new one.

The managers are all too happy, because they knew it was coming, and not only had it been enjoyable - but they secured a nice payday at the end of it- Not bad for a year, or a few month's work. 

As with Pep Guardiola, there may be one elusive target of his affections he just can't woo, who realises he is simply a player and it will all end badly, but for every Pep, there are 100 Benitez's queuing up for the WAG treatment.

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