The Sapphires [REVIEW]

The Sapphires

Based on a true story, The Sapphires is about four sisters who are plucked from their farm in the middle of nowhere, Australia to sing for the troops during the Vietnam War.

Three of the McCrae sisters, the bossy eldest Gail, the tiny and sexy Cynthia, and the youngest with the best voice, Julie (Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell and Jessica Mauboy, who are all very good) enter a local talent contest run by talent scout Dave (the charming as usual Chris O'Dowd). And even though the sisters don't win the contest (with no thanks to the racist local townspeople), Dave sees something different in them and asks them if they want to go to Vietnam. Of course, this is the girls' dream come true, and with the hard-to-get blessing from their parents, they are off to sing their hearts out. Along with their sister Kay (Shari Sebbens), who had been removed from the family compound years ago because she was white-skinned, the four girls practice and practice and until they are ready to hit the road.

Once in Vietnam, they perform for the troops, who absolutely adore them, while romance blossoms between Cynthia and a black soldier. There is also a hint of romance between Gail and Dave. The girls love being in Vietnam, and enjoy being in the spotlight, while at the same time love the fancy dresses they get to wear during the performances. However, being in Vietnam is dangerous, and the girls know they are performing in the middle of a war.

Luckily, The Sapphires has no political message about the Vietnam War. It's just a terrific and fun film, with very good performances and great music, and the rehearsals and stage scenes will have you tapping your toe and singing along under your breathe.

And at the end, we see the real sisters in a current photograph. A can't-miss film, and a feel good movie right to the very end.