New York Jets should quit slating Tebow and give him a chance

Tim Tebow was called 'terrible' in the press by an unnamed teammate. So what does that make Mark Sanchez?

Touchdowns - 10, Interceptions - 9: Those are Mark Sanchez' key stats through week 11 of the season, and life does not look too good for the Jets.

At 3-6 for the season, making the playoffs seems like a distant dream, however Rex Ryan may try to dress it up.

This week there has been an unusual amount of extra attention on Tim Tebow, with a front page headline in the New York Post with the quotes 'He's terrible' - Accompanied by quotes from unnamed teammates.

You would think it was part of a deliberate campaign to discredit and unsettle the big name free agency signing, who has so far had to play second fiddle to Sanchez.

The Jets are a franchise who are going nowhere fast. Sure they have injuries, but so do the Ravens and look at them.

Bringing in Tim Tebow, a winner who took the Broncos to the playoffs last year, is looking more and more disastrous by the week.

It has clearly had an unsettling effect on the team, as so far he has been a complete 'non-factor'. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Jets players main gripe is 'Tebow looks bad in practice' - Well this was a criticism levelled at him in Denver, but when it came to the games, he found a way to get things done.

Skip back to a year ago, when Tebow led the Broncos to a thrilling fourth quarter win over the Jets. It was an unlikely win, but one they accomplished all the same.

So the Jets couldn't beat Tebow, and they can barely win a game without him. So what have they got to lose by throwing him in?

The only way to lance the boiling issue that the attention surrounding Tebow has become behind the scenes is to give him game time to show what he can do.

Quit badmouthing your teammate anonymously - that's poor form, and give him an opportunity. Who knows, it might just turn their season around. Just ask Denver.

image: © Jeffrey Beall