In Case You Missed Them - Last Week's Top Stories


Here are links to last week's top 20 stories.

1. Trader Goes Berserk

2. Top Firm Staff Said To Face Big Round Of Job Cuts Due To Unit Merger

3. Bonus News - What To Expect At Year-End

4. My Dad Cost Me $400m (But It's OK)

5. 'Congratulations, You've Become A Goldman Sachs Partner'

6. 'Indispensable' Financial Markets Professionals Are Being Easily Replaced

7. Top Firm Bankers Said Upset Following Leadership Power Struggle

8. Report - FBI Begins Trader Probe As Securities Firm Teeters On The Brink

9. Report - Berserk Banker Binned By Barclays

10. City Job Numbers To Fall To Lowest Level Since 1993

11. 9 Ordinary Market Professionals and Their 15 Minutes Of 'Fame'

12. UBS Restructures Investment Bank - Organisational Memo

13. 'UBS's Investment Bank Has Been Horribly Mismanaged For Years'

14. Ex-Goldman Trader Accused Of Concealing $8.3bn In Futures Positions

15. More Job Loss / Cost Cutting News

16. Girlfriend Says That If She Didn't Trade, Banker Wouldn't Want Her Anymore

17. 9 Things UBS's Kweku Adoboli Said From The Witness Box

18. Securities Firm Confirms Trading Error, Says In Talks About Possible Capital Injection

19. Re-elected President Is 'A Disaster' - It's A Tragedy Both Candidates Didn't Lose

20. JPMorgan Looks After Staff

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