Après-ski or Sun and Sea?

Oakley Guy

As winter creeps in, we find the days getting longer and the nights getting colder as we pile on the layers for the winter months.

For all the sultry sirens and sales boys out there who are looking for something to take them away from the long winter nights (and the endless parties that come up during the Christmas season), the choice needs to be made. Cold or hot?

With parties until dawn and ski bunnies, a holiday in Les Trois Vallées or Val d'isere would be full of fun, fashion, skiing and snowboarding. Just don't forget to eye up the sales for stylish slope (and eye) wear to protect against stares from the ice queens who belong to the fashion police. Ever-stylish Oakley can cover you from head to toe, or there's always the fashion crowd's selection, which promotes Gucci and Prada as passing the catwalk standards in snow wear.

On the more humorous side, Tube surfing in six inch heels during party season in Londonshould have the ladies in good practice for taking on back flips when catching air.

Looking at some of the destinations we can see whether we choose a ski or sea break.

A tropical holiday abroad would mean you'd never want to leave, and where you could spend the rest of your life smoldering in the sand as the hunks or honeys pass you by, whilst kite-boarding, surfing or skimming the waves with a windsurfing wave boarder in tow.

Mauritius, Madagascar, or the Maldives would be perfect, with the alternatives being the Seychelles or Fiji. If looking closer to home and don't mind the cold, head to one of the Celtic islands, where myths of nymphs might tempt you into having a tantalizing underwater encounter with a Nereid. Selfridge’s holiday shop holds everything you need to pull off this look for either kind of beach.

Some more northern destinations would have you wrapped up whilst waves crashed by the beach in a tiny cottage, or in spring, a canopy under the stars. With Nordic and Celtic tales tied in to those destinations, you could choose to travel to a more local destination. With the long winters in other Nordic countries such as Sweden everyone wants to escape for a break abroad post the party season to soak up what sun they can, as the long winter months turn the weather colder.

Our recommendation is to take to the slopes and then see if you can catch an elusive mermaid and keep her in your dreams. But hold on tight; it could be a rocky ride.