McAfee Defends Self as Murder Mystery Gets Crazier

The murder mystery involving John McAfee, the founder of the software company McAfee, keeps getting weirder.

On Monday, police in Belize searched for the creator of McAfee - now owned by Intel (NASDAQ: intc) - because they wanted to question him about the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Viant Faull. The victim was also another U.S. citizen living in Belize.

Police have questioned other neighbors, but the computer virus software guru has not been home, according to a report from the AP. Still, a new report claims McAfee was at his home, at least until he saw Belizean police coming. McAfee himself told a technology reporter that upon seeing the authorities, he decided to hide himself in the sand because he feared for his life.

According to a Wired report , McAfee has been reaching out to Joshua Davis, a reporter for the news outlet, and updating him with details of his escape. McAfee also claims that he is innocent, and that the Belizean government has a vendetta against him and will kill him if they find him.

McAfee told the reporter that he believes whoever killed Faull may have actually intended to kill him instead, but made a mistake.

"I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house," McAfee reportedly told Davis. "He's dead. They killed him. It spooked me out."

Davis is posting Twitter updates from McAfee on his news feed . If you didn't think things could get more bizarre, then readers are urged to check out Davis's updates.

You can view his Twitter posts here , and read the full story here .


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image: © West McGowan