NBA rookie banned for vicious elbow attack on opponent - Watch it here

Sacramento Kings

This elbow looks worse and worse every time you see it...

During the off-season, the NBA pledged to crack down on players 'flopping' or diving as it is otherwise know, by issuing those responsible with retrospective fines and even bans.

Well there is no question on Jonas Jerebko doing that, as this video proves. The Detroit Pistons small forward from Sweden was sent sprawling in a match up with the Sacramento Kings this week early in the fourth quarter.

The man responsible for the attack, step forward rookie Thomas Robinson, only a fortnight into his NBA career with the Kings.

Talk about a way to make an impression and a name for yourself. The league announced yesterday evening he has been suspended. For two games.

He should count himself lucky it wasn't much longer if you ask us.

Watch it below...

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