2012 Election Entertainment

Jim Romenesko Big Bird

Where to begin? I'm on my second bottle of wine (shared, don't worry!), and it's only 11pm EST. Right now, it's all entertaining. (So really, don't worry!)

Of course, the result is yet to be seen (ha!). I'm describing my personal outlook as 'casually optimistic'. Our good friend just left, still biting her nails as her home state of Virginia was yet to be called (and she is very pro-Obama). But our Republican friends on Facebook are strangely silent, which can only be a good sign.

Since we launched into this at approximately 7:33pm EST, following are the things that have made us laugh:

  1. Our London friend's Facebook status: "Fox News have just called it for Bush."
  2. A video of a four-year-old girl, sobbing because she's tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney.
  3. Pretty much every article from The Onion.
  4. There was a Mega Prayer for Mitt last night. (That's right, we chose not to call him Mittens right here.) How did we miss that? And are the site creators OK with alienating everyone who might be an Obama-voting Christian?
  5. The fact there's an election party at a shooting range in Alabama. No need to be bored while you wait!
  6. Our Maryland friend's Facebook status: "Watching the election returns on Telemundo, just to spice things up. So far, the only words I recognized was 'buenos noches.'"
  7. Big Bird voted. See, Sesame Street does teach you a lot!
  8. A message from the Queen (in case you missed it before).

That's enough for now. So, how did you do in your office poll?