Girlfriend Says That If She Didn't Trade, Banker Wouldn't Want Her Anymore

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Jessica Mang, one of the ex- girlfriends of former Mizuho International investment banker Thomas Ammann, said she bought shares at his request because she wanted to show that she trusted him.

Bloomberg reports that Mang invested her own money because Ammann demanded it and said they could go on a vacation together afterward, she testified today at a London criminal court.

Mang is on trial for insider trading along with Christina Weckwerth, another woman with whom Ammann simultaneously had a relationship.

'He basically said that I show him that I trust him - I invest the money, he still hadn’t specified how - once that’s done, we’ll go on holiday in the Seychelles', Mang said. 'I thought that was a massive leap in commitment'.

She said Ammann told her if she didn’t do it, 'he didn’t want to be with me anymore'.

Hit the link below to access the complete Bloomberg article:

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