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Here are links to last week's top 20 stories.

1. Two Top Firms Said Preparing To Slash Up To 7,000 Jobs

2. Top Firm Said Preparing For 'Drastic Cutbacks', Some Say Starting Today

3. Why I Am Leaving My Firm

4. Sick To My Stomach As Colleagues Get Called Up To Be Laid Off

5. Memo From HR - 'Smartness' Test

6. And The Worst Big Bank For Productivity Is Said To Be.....

7. Top CEO Warns About More Aggressive Cost Cutting

8. A Most Spectacular Downfall - But Why Did He Do It ?

9. Two Big Losers As Volcker Rule Could Cut $10bn Off Big Bank Profits

10. Goldman's Head of HR Shines Some Light On The Firm in Wake of Greg Smith Affair

11. UBS - In The Stink

12. UBS Staffer Said To Sign Off On $1bn 'Cosmetic Adjustment' 

13. The Cruelest Viral Ever ? (You Wouldn't Be Pleased If This Happened To You)

14. Secretary Accused Of Stealing Nearly $2m From 98-Year-Old Wall Street Legend

15. UBS Said Weighing Up Shake-Up At Very Top At Investment Bank

16. Coca-Cola's 007 Challenge - Now This Is Really Cool

17. 3 Professionals Make Their Bonus Pitches / Predictions For This Year

18. Ex-UBS Trader Breaks Down In Witness Box

19. 12 Smart Alec Expressions

20. Barclays Clear-Out, BlackRock Edge, RBS Win

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