James Bond's London

Daniel Craig In Skyfall

Living like 007 is easier than you might think. All you have to do is visit a few spots in London, get a suit on Savile Row, and, of course, spend an evening out, Bond-style.

Take a girl to St. Petersburg Square

You may not want to drive a tank into everything you see like Bond did, but the Courtyard in Strand does make for a romantic visit. The stand-in for St. Petersburg Square in GoldenEye is right in Central London. Visit during the summer to see 55 fountains dance at the same time, or in the winter for the capital’s best ice rink.

Park at the Atlantic Garage

Contrary to popular belief, the famous remote control BMW 750 escape scene wasn’t filmed in Germany. It was actually shot in the car park to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North London. The stunts, though, did end up creating more smoke than anticipated. When you’re there, try not to create a big scene, or the fire brigades will be around in no time. And another fun fact about the scene: the final leap was indeed filmed in Hamburg. Funny how you hardly notice any of this while watching the Tomorrow Never Dies!

Sneak into Universal Exports

The Headquarters haven’t changed since GoldenEye (1995). They’re actually located in the Vauxhall Cross Building right beside the Thames. Being the home of MI6, try not to get any missions assigned to yourself, and keep an eye out for M.

Get splashed like traffic wardens

Head over to Wapping Lane to stand in the exact spot where the traffic wardens got splashed by Bond’s jaw-dropping Q Boat chase from The World is Not Enough. I’d suggest that you wear a raincoat, though — the wardens didn’t look too happy.

Visit the Reform Club

The Gentlemen’s Club was home to the famous fencing scene from Die Another Day (2002). The Reform Club, known in the film as Blades, is elegant, exquisite and interesting, all at the same time. This is the perfect chance to order a “Vodka martini; shaken, not stirred”. You’ll definitely feel like “Bond...James Bond.” After this, you'll probably want to stay in a fabulous London hotel so you can live in character a little longer.

Dress like Bond

James Bond is probably best expressed through his clothing. His suits are the binding variables between his sleek and alpha qualities. How else is a true man supposed to express himself, right? Head over to Savile Row, home to high quality tailoring for centuries. It was at Savile Row where the first bespoke material was created — a quintessential feature to a stylish English suit. Bespoke tailors around the capital are now recreating the first ever suits appearing in the Bond movies. After all, if you want to suit-up, suit-up like an agent.