Suarez and Bale need to cut out the Tom Daley impressions

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Diving is the hot topic of debate right now, with Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur players under the spotlight. Should punishments be harsher?

The only person I would pay money to see dive is Tom Daley and he really is world class! So why, yet again are players trying to copy the Olympic Bronze medallist?

It’s so annoying as a fan to see; it’s not clever and it’s not wanted it’s as simple as that.

They are in a word cheating and if the referee knows what he’s doing then the player should be booked for diving.

Of course it’s not always easy to tell if a player has been taken down or if they’ve been blown down by a two mile an hour wind! It is a lot easier with the benefit of slow-motion television replays, but this is where the assistant referee must come into play if the man in the middle isn’t sure.

The fact of the matter is too many players are doing it and it’s ruining the game. It has done for a long time and it will continue to if nothing is done about it.

Two talking points from the weekend have to be Luis Suarez and Gareth Bale; again I revert back to Tom Daley. The sad part about this is they are both very good players but diving shows they don’t mind cheating.

The thing is, the most the referee can do if he or she is one per cent sure it was a dive is give the player a yellow card; yet if that player was accused of match fixing then they get a lengthy ban, it’s basically the same thing and that’s cheating.

So first of all make it a red card offence if, and only if the referee is certain beyond doubt that the player has fallen over a blade of grass then send him off. This should and will cut out a lot of the ‘playacting’.

The one thing that winds fans up more than anything is when a player goes down like he’s just been hit by a rocket and once he gets the free kick it’s like a miracle cure; because they know they’ve just cheated and it may be for a penalty that wins the game.

Simply put, the punishment has to be harsher or the problem will persist.

image: © andybrannan

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